Herbalism is an ancient way of healing, yet it continues to thrive today. In fact, the use of herbal medicine is increasing in popularity. People are drawn to home herbalism for so many reasons. It’s easily accessible, affordable and very effective without the worry of the many side effects that can come with modern allopathic medicine.

What is Home Herbalism

Home herbalism is the practice of home healthcare. It is what we can practice for ourselves and our families to keep us well and increase our quality of life. In this way we can be more self-reliant and play a central role in our own wellbeing.

Home herbalism is best suited for preventative care so that we can avoid the progression of illness to the point of needing clinical care. It’s also what we can do for non life-threatening situations such as simple first-aid, colds, flu, and decreasing or eliminating the effects of chronic illnesses.

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You may already be using medicinal herbs without being aware of it. Many of our culinary herbs were traditionally added to recipes not only for their flavor, but also for their medicinal benefits. Just think of basil, thyme, oregano, peppermint, ginger, garlic and so many others. These are valuable medicinal herbs and may even already be in your kitchen or growing in your garden. Additionally, there are so many other highly valuable medicinal plants growing wild all around us.

It’s no surprise that we are drawn to herbal medicine and all it has to offer for our health. The beauty is that each and every one of us can learn to use this remarkable plant medicine ourselves. You can easily learn a few simple home remedies for common ailments, or continue learning for as long as you like, adding to your knowledge as a home herbalist. Each step in your journey is exciting, fulfilling and incredibly valuable. All it takes is finding a good teacher to guide you along the way.

Course Instructor

I’m Elizabeth Heck, herbalist, herbal educator and author. Working with plants has been a big part of my life from a very early age. My involvement with these green allies has taken me through many stages, including work as a naturalist, plant conservationist, land steward, herbal medicine formulator and founder of herbal products company.

Through it all, it’s bringing the teachings of plant medicine to people that has been most fulfilling, whether it’s teaching at herbal conferences or teaching online. There is nothing I enjoy more than nurturing the human/plant connection. I’m honored to be able to share my knowledge with students across the globe with my online herbal courses selling in over 150 countries. I’m especially honored to be sharing these teachings with you.

These teachings have been passed down to me from some of the most well-respected and world-renowned herbalists. It’s important to note that their teachings were passed down from generations before them. These ancient teachings have been shown throughout history to be highly effective and are now being backed up by modern science. It’s vital we keep these wise traditions alive.

Join this FREE online herbalism course featuring essential herbal remedies for self and family. #herbalism #herbalremedies #herbalcourse #courses #herbs #herbalist
Join this FREE online herbalism course featuring essential herbal remedies for self and family. #herbalism #herbalremedies #herbalcourse #courses #herbs #herbalist
Join this FREE online herbalism course featuring essential herbal remedies for self and family. #herbalism #herbalremedies #herbalcourse #courses #herbs #herbalist