Best Natural Skin Care Ingredient That May Surprise You
Best Naturl Skincare Ingredient

There is one natural skin care ingredient that stands out. We’ve seen it, eaten it and may even have some of it in our cupboards. We just never thought about putting it on our faces. The ingredient is barley and it has been used in skin care for thousands of years. Somehow this amazing nourishing […]

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Botanical Antioxidants — Essential for Younger Looking Skin
Botanical Antioxidants Pomegranate

We all know aging creates challenges for our skin. Add in exposure to UV radiation from the sun or environmental pollutants and skin damage can arise. Aging can happen less gracefully and more quickly than you would like. Pre-mature aging from these harmful exposures appear as fine lines, wrinkles, dryness or even dark spots. The […]

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Beauty and Menopause – What You Need to Know
Skincare for Menopause

Hormonal shifts related to menopause means caring for your self in some new ways. One of those is rethinking your beauty care regimen. The transition during this time can be made much more graceful if you have an understanding of the changes affecting you and how you care for your skin. Menopause and the immediate […]

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Safe Skin Care Made Easy
Herbal Skincare

One of the things I try to do for my students is take a complex subject and make it simple. What could be more complicated than the ingredient list on your skin care products! Without a degree in chemistry, how do you know what’s safe? There are thousands of synthetic chemicals circulating out there and […]

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Stubborn Acne? Start Drinking! 5 Best Herbal Teas for Troubled Skin
Herbal Tea for Acne

So you’re doing everything you can to take care of your blemished skin – great regimen, great cleansing, avoiding pore clogging ingredients and triggers, eating well – yet you’re still experiencing breakouts. Could your skin be telling you something about your internal environment? After all, your outer appearance is an expression of your internal well […]

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